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Voyager Submarines I follow all sorts of auctions on the net. In fact, I believe that normal future business commerce will be done in auction-like environments as a result of the information explosion. Everything becomes a commodity, almost. It takes businesses time to understand this concept and longer to act on it. The successful business of the future realizes buyers and buyees can both leverage this new open marketplace. The link above is an auction for two subarines and support craft. Now is your chance to own a submarine!!
Financial Warfare - Michel Chossudovsky The above link is an article that has made some rounds. It is interesting if nothing else. Here are most of the kids in one shot.
Standard Crystal - HC49 Two people contacted me yesterday looking for electronic components. First it was a tunnel diode and then it was crystal. The llamas are doing well. We had some fellow llama owners over this weekend and they agreed that our llamas are very nice. We are using a special massage on the llamas to calm them. Instead of "petting" like you do with most animals, the llamas enjoy a circular motion with the tips of your fingers. Weird.