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In Praise of Our Pets, "I'm Still Here" Fawna is gone. When you put a pet down it seems every experience you have had comes back to you regarding death. RIP
After e-mail chit chatting with Nostril in Japan while he is at work I decided I like this photo. I am living an old movie where boys town is not just a place but a place where we can sing and put on great shows and really get along swell !
The camera scene has not improved. This is an opportunity for different senses. Make sure you have your sound on. You have to do things a little different here so pay attention. Deep-linking is not allowed by the folks who control music information (web-nazis). Do the following: 1. Select File>>New>>Window from your browser pull down menus. 2. Cut and paste the following line into the Address box on your Browser. Press Enter . I can hear my dad saying " Chuckle Chuckle... I'm Sorry, But that is not music. Ahh.... Really, It's..s just PLAIN not music. Sorry. Whatt?/ I can agree in this case.. The band is "Get Fucked" the piece is: "Tires Tires Globally" : Level Plane Records, 2004. I suspect a band with that name is not trying to get friends as much as it is trying to get attention. The piece definitely has a message of primitive e
Elance - Home Mom was down from Rochester. She brought a five pound cheesecake. We didn't get as much done as I hoped. I never do. The weather was pretty good. However, having to mentally deal with Fauna is a strain. I am to take more time off this week. I need it for time and time away. The pigs have noticeably grown already. I would have a picture posted, but the camera crapped out again. I have a bid in on one like it on ebay. Hopefully I get the one I am bidding on tonight. Camera on ebay