Showing posts from July 23, 2006
I received the call from Alan at RPSC. I am primary for senior com tech for 2006-2007! I will have the written offer and physical exam instructions in the mail in less than two weeks. I am going to Antarctica!
Friday the 21st of July I talked to Alan Scoenwald from Raytheon polar services. After some discussion he offered me a verbal job as a SR communications Tech in Antarctica. This position will be some traveling around Antarctic. I am tremedously excited. I have alot of planning to do. We will see how it plays out.
The bonfire was a lot of fun. Friends, family and neighbors came over. I felt like a kid. We dragged one of the old geodesic domes on the property to the fire and although everything was still wet from recent rain we got it burning, safely. G. Mills came down and we worked all day Sunday moving the fire around to areas missed and so forth. The picture of the jeep is a fraction of the scrap metal found in the piles. Everything from transmissions to major appliances to pedal cars to weird old farm bits smashed flat was found. Definitely, it was a good time. We don’t often “slow down” to do stuff like this. Slowing down is a weird way to describe it since there was no slowing down at all and there was a bigger utility goal in mind in removing a junk pile. I guess it was just fun and I will leave it at that.