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It is Summer! at least everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. I am in Atlanta for a few weeks it looks like. Bill and I went flying today. I haven't been taking many photos when flying lately; I am not sure why. It was hazy, but generally very nice flying conditions. I fired my landscaper so now I am stuck with lawn work for awhile at least. The yard still has surprises with flowers here and there. It has been very wet in Atlanta. The lawns are still very green and I don't know if it has been over 90 degrees more than just a couple of times. I have lots of things to do on my lists for sure. I have been relaxing too. That might seem strange to people who have known me for a long time. Also, here is a picture of the drive from NY back down to Atlanta last Sunday and one of our antique tractors going somewhere. Some friends of mine and I opened a bottle of mead that I made Aug 27, 2000. It was 13 year old homebrew made from wildflower honey from NY state. It was quite good. It was
Does the world really need this tension?
I was out in Peoria Illinois Thursday last week. Friday night I flew to Ithaca NY. Saturday we loaded up my truck and drove back to Atlanta with my truck. That is a long drive. I spent Saturday night near Carlisle PA. It is a great place since there are a huge number of hotels to support the huge auction need. Great.. provided there isn't an auction going on. The traffic was bad at times and the rain all made it what it was. I am now back in Duluth feeding my imaginary cat. Here kitty kitty kitty!