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Tapping Into Spring I had a groundhog snap this picture when I was out back tapping birch trees. I enjoyed a particular trait of the holder tractor today. When you are in very tight quarters in between trees, the articulated steering helps you get out of spots you get into. With standard steering you can never track exactly the same in as you can when you are backing out in reverse. Interesting. - Recipe - BIRCH BEER One of things on my list today is to get a black birch tree tapped to make birch beer. Enough snow has melted. I can get out back in the tractor.
CareerJournal | How to Reduce Stress at Work I am up thinking of work again. I must get better at dealing with some things. It is Saturday morning. What differnce can I make today. Perhaps in myself, certainly nothing at work.
Got Mead?: Honey Wine-Making mead?and?Buying?Mead?(Honey Wine) Work was tough today, this week, this month.. Ah hell. Toils it is... Nothing but toils. If nothing else, management is challenging. The moon was in a bad phase today... crabby customers. We just bottled some mead over at Michele and Scott's house. It looks good. It is a fun hobby. I might make a birch mead after I bottle the melomel I have ready to rack now. Fawna is not much better today. We are optimistic about the warmer weather helping her out though.
Adventure Network International - Home It is summer in Antarctica. I am swamped at work.
Soil Supplies - Best Buds Garden Supply It is a new day and although I lost some sleep last night think, I hope that I taught myself something.
eBay View About Me for chazd1 Weird, I had two boxes of different versions of McAffe Virus software listed on eBay for sale. Poof!! they are gone, no explanation, no word on where they went. The other stuff is still listed. I suspect that the McAffe license forbids resale or something and ebay just pulls the ads. It certainly doesn't seem right. But that is the way it goes.
Llama Lying Down Plush Fawna is Walking!! She was outside the llama house this morning. I thought that would be great so we left her out all day. Tonight when we got home she showed us how she can get up and walk about 10 steps or so!! She is definately showing signs of improvement today. Now we have the problem of trying to control the patient and keeping her in bed when she should be in bed. Good problem.
Mars: A Water World? Evidence Mounts, But Scientists Remain Tight-Lipped It is really starting to look like there was water on mars. This article is one of the first, posted this morning, that starts to explain the findings. There will be more news soon, I am sure. Just not yet. These guys don't want to be like the cold fusion scientists.
Tucker Sno-Cat History I don't feel very motivated today or yesterday. I have school work to do and a million other things as well. I am having a hard time prioritizing. So I surf the web, and over eat. We worked with Fauna yesterday and will today. She still is having great problems. She didn't show any improvement yesterday. We have to get some meds for the other kids... they may have lice. The stainless steel spreader cam this week, and I got it on the tractor. I still have to get the right hydraulic fittings but a friend came over yesterday and gave me the dope on those things.