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I am amazed that Don Shipley's channel on You Tube was recently terminated. I spent a lot of study time in grad school studying the future of digital censorship. To me, the termination is crazy. The show was entertaining as well as exposing -- Don has been quite respectful and equally quick to prove fraudulent actions. I can only imagine who has the power to terminate his channel. Don Shipley - Wikipedia A recent posting on a new/different channel
We rented a car to drive around SoCal this weekend. With 460 HP and a 10 speed paddle-shifter, the Mustang GT was definitely a good car to rip around the desert. I am glad I didn't get stopped for speeding, because at times I think they put you in jail for how much I was over the limit. We did pick up some bugs (I am told they were butterflies) and we did have to go through border control checkpoints a couple of times. We went to Anzo-Borrego and the Salton Sea which is a post-apocalyptic desert community. The sea (lake) has become so polluted and depleted. The fish can no longer live there. It was pretty interesting. The palm trees are dying, and the housing has disappeared or has become rundown. Since we were already in the groove for alt- post apocalypse scenes we also went to visit Slab City.