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I have an interesting item on ebay I have posted for a friend. Truck
Well it is saturday Morning and I probably should be working on the house. I plan on making a large addition to my website regarding the house project that has followed me around for the last 5 years. Class is over for now. We go into distance mode for the rest of the semester. The proffessor seem good and the material looks interesting. Bonnie and I looked for old water mills to rehab/restore in chenango and surrounding counties. We found one.. but it was too far gone (besides the one that was recently torn down) the search continues. It was a busy week. I have to box up stuff that I sold on ebay this week. It is always a pain, but worthwhile.
Still in school. We worked on the ethnographic classifications today. This just in from my friend in Japan, Nostril. Boss 7 is a brand whereas 250 as you guessed is volume in ccs. The general rule to remember about canned coffee is that the smaller the can, the better the coffee. They're all too sweet, but they've gotten a lot better. And they all give you a fairly decent caffeine rush. From vending machines they go for Y120, and a tad bit less at convenience stores. With the canned coffee report, I'm Mike Deininger, TrivialNonsense, Tokyo. nOsT >What the hell is the difference between boss 7 and boss 250? Can size? >Caffine content? > > > >
I am in school today in Syracuse. The class is called "Theory of Classification Systems". Very Interesting. I will ( after a few days on campus ) go back into distance mode for the rest of the semester. My school I will be attending class three days this week on SU campus. I