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Image The link is a good start to learn about "noodling". Noodling is a means to catch catfish like the one shown in a previous post. That fish is real. What you do is wade around the shores of lakes and streams, reach your hand into holes in the banks under water. The catfish will consider you a threat and try to eat you. You grab the inside of his mouth and wrestle him to victory. Seems simple enough. It is Thanksgiving again. It is about 18 degrees out and we have a few inches of snow. We have a coal fire going, switching from wood last night. The savings in getting our own wood and using low dollar per BTU coal isn't so much about saving money. I certainly waste more money on the savings on other stuff. It is about being able to take care of ourselves as we need to. Gas for the chainsaw is of course a concern. We are going over to couzin Liz's house in Dryden today. It is so weird that we ended up living in the same place almost.
Here are some pics from a while back. The fish is from my pond. (actually it is just like the one from my pond.) Here we are messing around with Dwayne's muzzleloader and his regalia. Click pic for video