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I got a nasty bug that was going around work. Man o Man. I was sick. I lost over 5 pounds in less than 24 hours. Bonnie and I both got sick. That was unusual. The animals must have gotten concerned about their food supplies. The animals are all fine. Current animal count is 6 llamas, 7 chickens, and 1 big orange cat. We are still looking at feeder-beef and breeding a llama. I am making farm plans for this spring. Every year we bring the farm back a little more and make it more attractive and useful. I have some NY state government training coming up. That will be good. There is a lot to learn about all the laws and procedures and what-not with the economic development and planning arena in which I participate. Then the snow started. After the "storm" was over is when we got hit with most of the snow. I am well enough now to get us dug out and operational again. There is almost no comparison to Antarctica. It is so humid. The air density is nice and high and you can hea