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Sad event today. Mike Patey crashed Draco. For followers it really is quite a loss even without anyone getting hurt. I am not surprised that Mike has taken complete responsibility. I am glad he survived just because, but also so he had the opportunity to say so.
I am getting my flying current. Time flies (ha!). I have some specific flying goals. Given my geographic diverse lifestyle, things like flying as a private pilot become a lower priority. In Georgia, I have planes to fly. Currently I am a part owner of 4 planes (looking to buy more). I think we have well over 60 members. Aeroventures LLC . I miss the club. Here in California things are way different with a capital "different". One the ways things are positively different is that I have ready-access to a fantastic flight school. It is only about 2 miles away from my work and home. Sunrise Aviation Academy with chief instructor: Michael Church from MDI Films on Vimeo .