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I am doing some refocusing. I have been taking long walks in the early morning before sun up. I like to watch and feel the rumble of trains as the +100 car double stacked container hot-shots fly by in the dark. They are modern miracles in plain sight. There are many. I am rectifying the mengerie of multi-state licences on my fleet of 5 cars (Georgia, Maine, California). It is pretty funny talking to the insurance companies. "And what is the main purpose of your vehicle?" Since we are working from home the main purpose is to get groceries and catfood once a week. Yes, we need five cars for that. We just do. The grocery store is about a mile away. Yes we can walk. Sometimes we do. The rain has continued into early fall. It has been a wet year here in Georgia. The bugs love it. The lake level raised 16 inches during some storms recently. It pushed the boat on the dock and left it there.