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Thanksgiving 2023

Another Tranksgiving Holiday has come and gone. No travel this year over the holidays as we normally do. Interesting travel is being planned. We decided NOT to participate in The Macy's Day Parade this year. We had some small regret perhaps, but we marched in the parade two years in a row. We are convinced there would NOT be sufficient novelty in the third year. We invited Vlad over for a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner, roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, tossed salad, sweet corn, cranberries and pumpkin pie for dessert. Angie was trying to make her deadline in creating subtitles for some Netflix shows. I made dinner, no issues at all. A pic shows a symptom of excess. The small roaster pan was my grandmother's. The large one was the one I just bought. A modern turkey won't fit in the old one... maybe a cornish game hen or a chicken will, but you would be hard pressed to find a turkey as small as what was available 50 or 70 years ago. Turkeys are larger. According t