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I made my first trip ever to the scrap yard and dump since I have been in living in Georgia (3 years). Both scale/yard experiences were a lot more polite than my lifelong experiences up North. Prices are good for scrap non-ferrous, still. It is a good process here except for every transaction they take your picture law... cataloging potential criminals. Overall, I don't mind, because I am not a criminal. Translation: "Its the Weekend!" Thanks to an Angel this is how I started my weekend!
Pruning is very personal. --Charles Dowdell
I went flying "solemente" yesterday. I didn't take any pictures. It was very windy/gusty. When it gets like that the flying is absolutely a full time job. Taking pictures aren't on the agenda! My throat was bit dry after I got the plane home safety. Building skills... safely! I had to buy these huge cutlery wall hangings today. They are cast aluminum. If I have a giant extraterrestrial stop by for dinner I am ready to host! I am not usually buying such adornments for my home. I like the regression-factor these huge implements afford. My sister likes to remind me that us Dowdell's (as kids) were very insistent that our toys were all to be in the same scale during a play session.