Showing posts from December 5, 2004
It has been a pretty strange week in a lot of ways. Not in anyway that I can put my finger on specifically, but strange nevertheless. I skidded a few trees out of the woods for firewood Saturday. I got some pretty nice ashwood. My little articulated Holder C500 tractor is awesome for getting in and out of the forest. The articulation really helps get around trees. I got the logs from down in a revine, so the tractor was put to the test. I didn't get stuck, but I did need to disconnect the logs and attach them again from another angle a couple of times. I used the 4-wheel dif lock a few times too. The wood split up nice with an axe and I put the cord wood up for use this winter. We have been burning quite a bit of wood since it hasn't been that cold. I have a ton of coal out in the barn. My main computer has given me fits. I spent about 6 hours on Sunday trying to get it back. I think the CD ROM drive or adapter failed which won't allow me to do a reinstall off the s