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The only competition worthy of a wise man is with himself. -- Washington Allston I was in Brazil this past week. It feels so good to have basic communication skills.. so good. My efforts spent with Portuguese language were very worthwhile. It doesn't mean it wasn't awkward and embarrassing at times, but I am not illiterate nor deaf/mute. I had the opportunity to take a side trip to South Brazil and Uruguay (alone--solomente) and do some border penetration testing. These 4-axle double-decker buses in South America are just so cool. Jaguarao Brazil Bus station in Jaguarao Brazil Interesting story... Uruguay Traditional quick breakfast. Coffee with high percentage of hot milk added (Cafe de leite) and a large deep-fried meat dumpling (Pastel). It tastes better than it looks and it looks good. Rio Branco (White River) or Jaguarao river depending on your viewpoint.