Showing posts from October 5, 2003
Ball Lightning I gave some friends some crap tonight. I loaded up the trucks with some llama pellets. It makes great low nitrogen, no smell garden fertilizer. The llamas feel compelled to continue to manufacture more on a daily basis. I like our farm. It is quiet. I enjoy broken things. It is easier to enjoy them that way.
Pigs CAN fly Below is a pic of my fleet of second or fifth hand machines for screwing around on my farm. First we have my latest aquire of a 1986 Toyota 4 rumnner with only 380000 miles. It is a convertible. It runs great and the 4wd drive works. It is my spare lot car. Second is my jeep with only 288000 miles. Notice the tires are from mobile irrigation machinery. The strength of the sidewall will hold the vehicle up with no air in them. The tires were only 50 bucks a piece since they are industrial tires not testonerone-hungry racer mudder tires for wayward boys. The jeep has acquired some dents in my ownership. The famous quote "what do you expect you think it is a tank" comes to mind. Thirdly we have my Model 632 bobcat. It has a 4 cylinder ford gasoline engine. It runs ok and if has no hydraulic leaks. I don't know what I did before I had a bobcat. I had to lift stuff, man. Fourthly.. you can see the crown jewel of the fleet, my germany made Holder c500 tractor.
Physicists Build Nano Motor Small motors indeed. Douglas brought down my new toyota 4 runner today. I didn't need another lot car but the price was right. I will have a spare. It is shown below high centered after comparing how the jeep did in similar experiments. We had to use the bobcat to lift the machines off the dirt pile. We found the machines similar in this test although the 4 runner has a higher ground clearance, the jeep has a shorter wheelbase. A man cannot just sit around.
dogpoweredscooter I need a llama powered scooter like one of these dog powered scooters. What will they think of next.