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MSN Search today this is a beta and it is poo-pooed by the media. it is disruptive innovation. poo-poo Tonight I am listening to Cree indian music and poetry and I moved into cool jazz (stan getz). I remembered something about how Bonnie and I ended up here in Berkshire. I saw, what I know now as disruptive innovation, the telecomunications explosion. I remember some great lectures of some great thinkers at SU school of information studies. I remember working hands-on with the extreme details in digital telecommunications in the early 1980s with early TI circuits (span line) and later on with Wireless, Ethernet, SS7, E1, J1. I remember living in Columbus Ohio with the Qube system of interactive media when I was in school out there. I remember at the same time one of my classmates interviewed as one of the first VJs for the then totally unknown MTV. This was long before the internet and I remember how the SU thinkers had referenced Qube long before a commercial Internet