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I am back home in Duluth. I spent the last week making my way to central Finland and back again. It is time to spend time on the house and catching up. I finally plugged in the TV. I haven't missed it since I moved. We had some productive meetings in England and Finland. We had time for a few laughs as well. It is always enlightening when I travel and spend time with folks from other cultures. One of my colleagues from England just got back from Kiev. He brought back an informative brochure about an exciting tour opportunity of the Chernobyl power plant. Let's call it "Atomic Disaster Tourism" for now. I had to admit that I would like to go on the tour. I think "Cramo" is a good brand name for temporary offices. My domestic flight in Finland was on an ATR-72 combo-freighter. There were 5 other passengers. There were 4 in the air crew and 4 on the ground. Jyvaskyla Finland has DIY security. I like Finland. They seem so normal until you get to know them. Let&