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Kroger Employee Story

I stopped an employee in the good Kroger awhile back. I said, "I had a question for you." and then I said, "I have seen you here in this store for over the 11 years that I have been coming here. How long have you been working here?"... he had an energetic response. "I love this place . Everything about it. The people, the managers. I have been working here over 30 years." I said, "Cool! Have a great day." He said, "have a great year!!" True story.

Travel to the Farm Again-- (Cool Unappreciated Bridge in PA)

We made a trip up to PA, NJ and the Farm in NY. We flew on a commercial plane for the first time in a year. No issues and not many surprises, some but not many. We rented a car in Philly and took it up to NY and back. The survey work is still not done on the farm. Almost funny, but not quite. I started on that in November 2020. They have now made 3 trips. The pins are still not set. Tunkhannock Creek Viaduct Cool Unappreciated Bridge in PA