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I am still having problems with the server, so I have no photos posted. I have some really nice photos of llamas, fish from my pond, muzzleloader shooting and others. I have a real server fix in process. I am in Wisconsin most of this week for work. I was up in Brantford and Missisauga Ontario Canada a couple weeks back. I have been skidding trees out of the woods for firewood. I learned just how big of a log I can drag. I had to cut one in half to make it around a corner in the woods. The tractor easily pulls these things from anywhere almost. I broke a chain yesterday on a log. The new Stihl Model 290 is a huge difference. That saw blasts through these logs. I have a new spliting maul as well. I am getting wood put away. Although we don't heat primarily with wood it is nice for the spring and fall for evening fires and you have to get coal burning somehow. The jeep has a new lease on life. We were thinking that we may have to put it down because the 4 wd wasn't working.