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This week is exciting. I have a mission. I am the self-appointed designee to get American Style Potato salad to Russia in time for back yard BBQs. The logistics are challenging, but I think with special attention and a detailed supply chain action plan the effort will pay off. Potato salad is a bit like democracy. It must to be brought in from America. Someone has to do it! The other thought is that the smell of American Potato Salad will surely draw Edward Snowden out of the "in transit area" in the SVO airport as I pass through. If he does not emerge drawn towards the smell of fresh Walmart potato salad he is surely not in the airport. Proof!
Some writings from France. Notice the universally understood symbology for Croissant. It is probably ISO standard icongraphy. Perhaps the "Le Mutant" associated with a Butcher is a new spin on edgy marketing. And I have no idea about the furry sexy animal thing endorsing the French version of Fanta Orange. Curiously, I did find myself strangely compelled to try some "Orangina". I appreciated the English Menu (actually not really, Je ne suis pas un enfant.) But $18 for a single crummy hot dog! Give me a break. I have added a US hot dog ad for balance.