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I put on a presentation yesterday at the EAA chapter 690 monthly meeting for about 50 or 60 people... "Aviation in Antarctica." They recorded the event and now it is the library of the chapter. They are a great organization. One of the attendees was a participant in "Operation Deep Freeze" in the early 60s. I was hoping I could bring back some of his memories. He said I did. That is what is all about. That and making people laugh is paramount. Looking at "You tubes." I find scores of interesting videos from Antarctica that are barely viewed. Definately, the best vids are not published. In June the speaker is an Astronaut from Atlanta. Here is a picture of "Princess." You may see a simple Cessna 172. I see some really awesome adventures in Georgia, Islands, Florida and elsewhere. I look at that plane and I see my blue Schwinn bicycle of many years ago. I will be in NY next week, then it it is off to England (Maiden