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Things are surreal. You know, in a dreamlike state. There are lots of new experiences, faces, stories, places and things. It energizes me. I am in Kansas for part of next week. I always wanted to go to Kansas so I can better understand, "You're not in Kansas anymore." Although, I doubt the trip will help on that dimension. Interestingly enough, I have never been to Kansas, one of the very few states I have left to visit. I am working on my travel schedule. It is tough to plan with the European holidays; actually is is OK to plan, but difficult to get things done. OK. I am an American, admitted. I am sure my friends will convert me given the opportunity. It is considerably hotter in NY state than it is in Georgia the last few days. The heat followed me North and did not return with me down to Atlanta. I am semi-moved in to my apartment. Everything went like clockwork, deliveries, etc. That definitely added to the surreal aspect. I am still in a hotel, as my command