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We decided to hang out in SoCal over the 4th Holiday. We also moved into a new apartment, a penthouse. It is a bit better and a bit cheaper. We felt the first earthquake. The chair I was sitting it started rocking and then the curtains. We went outside as a precaution. No one else did. We didn't even feel the larger quake here in Orange County. We will rebuild. ;-) I took this picture of the "homeless" just inside the border of Santa Ana. Notice neither one of the folks has shoes on. They are also not near a bus stop. It reminded me of what I have seen in India. Everyday Rolls, Ferraries, McClearens, travel this road. I would have liked to get the dichotomy in the same pic. The story goes that CA has great tax incentive programs for funding rehab facilities, actually houses with some sort of basic credential. So folks come from all over the country. When they mess up in these facilities they get kicked out. They used to kick them out in parks, now they are kicking them ou