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My Portuguese (Por TOO Gayze) classes are going well. I joined a meetup group of folks who want to practice Portuguese. Very nice. It was inspiring. As someone said, "Learning a language is so empowering!" The soup is my favorite Korean Number 5 I have been flying, I was in and around a lot of fluffy clouds today. I forgot to take pictures. It is breathtaking being around those huge pillowy things. I am in likelihood going to start my instrument and complex/hi performance training in August. I expect to close on my house in Duluth this week. It has been a long time coming. I believe I passed the last hurdle. Foreclosures can be difficult... even for buyers. We sold my Mothers condo in Upstate, NY. The realtor and seller's attorney didn't do a very good job and there is some additional action to make things right. They send emails, can't seem to read em.