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I'm fscked. I swallowed the number 7. - Powered by Infopop Here is a bizzare article. The things people put in their mouths.
This link POS++++
this link!! POS
I spend a lot of time at auction sites like this one. Someday I may discover I have purchased a complete flocking facility with state of the art electrostatic coating equipment in Holland... Quite a number of folks have been letting me know that they read my blogs such as: "HI there Charles I' ve been following your blogs. I came across a site that I like. He is the founder/owner of an industrial controls company, OPTO 22, and one of the gurus in the field. I like his writings. I am planning a blogger that any visitor can post a rebuttal or remark that would be interesting to the guysatwork. It almost happened already.
berkshire I have a toastmasters meeting this am. I have to get going. I had a doctor's visit yesterday. Things went well. There are always follow up tests though.
'Llamarama' by muckpond - DPChallenge We went for a nice llama walk yesterday. The woods are nice this time of year.
SU School of Architecture - Contact Main Page I am looking to work with a student architect on our property redesign. Some things are obvious, some are not. Since the house is basically a box sticking out of the ground it is like a white canvas. The old house dictated a lot of how we could proceed. This one is all open. The elements we are looking at incorporating are: Two or three car garage, preferably connected Large porch for valley view, roofed Deck for sunrise and coffee Outside brickoven, incinerator Carport Some kind of circular driveway Optimized valley view New bath down stairs Fireplace New septic system location Ponds Outdoor water cistern Improved drainage Barn attachment, equipment shed Curb appeal Larger window in computer room, bay window Improved plumbing and heating Barn electrification New roof New southern elevation Veneer rear existing chimney, or remove