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Power of Poetry

A bit of poetry has been ringing in my head. It is from an old song. Sometimes these things can be hard to shake. And sail away on ships of wonder But life's not a wheel With chains made of steel So bless me, oh, bless me, bless me It has the same theme as in a post from 2016. March 29th 2016

KLZU Hot Air Balloon -- Zoom Room

There is always something going on at my airport in (KLZU) Lawrenceville GA. This weekend I got a deep brief regarding balloon piloting. I haven't been up yet. I took some pics of my zoom room to show folks what I see when I am in meetings. My zoom background is consistently a brick wall. My view could be considered the opposite. You can't quite see the lake from where I sit because of the large bush just outside the window. It's a beautiful bush. I would hate to take it out, but maybe.