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I am planning my week. The weather isn't getting off to a good start with quite a bit of snow in the forecast. I have been recovering from a bad cold. That is three illnesses I have had since I got off the ice. Some say it is because my immune system is off since I was in a realitively germ free environment in Antarctica. I am not sure. I don't like being sick. I do have a lot on my mind but that still didn't keep me from doing nothing today. Sitting around doesn't help the self esteem, but it might recharge the batteries sometimes. I had a nice quiet birthday. Rosey is doing better but can't quite get up on her own. We are giving her homeopathic cures as well as horse asprin. A heat lamp has helped her too. We shall see as it gets warmer out. She has lost some weight so that is good. The chickens are well and have been cruising the farm, but tonight everyone is in lock-down for weather. I have been staying in touch with folks from the ice. It is a bit like a f