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Seven Stars ... a poem by Allison Chambers Coxsey These people gave their lives for their work as most of us do. Whether it be by stroke, stress, or violent end, we humans live to work and toil to totality for the betterment of humanity. I can't help but think about the nameless individuals that I have know that have died for their work. I have known many.
SILO I got the bobcat running again. It appears the starter motor may have broke because of severely retarded ignition timing. The distributor was very loose and probably walked to the point of "reverse start" causing the starter to jam and break at the tip. Anyway, it is OK and the weld job only cost a box of donuts. I am negotiating with a guy in Mass. to buy the following machine and attachments. Don't see many two-seat tractors do ya? The HOLDER is goofy but after thinking about it it really makes sense for our farm.
Northeast Llama Showcase I fixed the typo in the previous blog href for the movie... Don't hold your breath for me fixing other typos and errors. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. It is after-all about the information not so much the presentation. I got my starteer for the bobcat fixed by some freindly welder today. I was really having a hard time finding the right part. I hope it works right. I think it will 'cause often the cheaper way works better too. There was a exceedingly pedantic scholar that crossed paths with my family in several ways (before and after his death) that used to write correspondence with phonic spellings and natural grammar. For example: he wood goonanon abowt somthing he was passioant abowt with nothing butt strings ov gramaikal gook. thee lettrs are nou in washinton university's arkives. Interestingly enough, don't we see this now emerging again with IM and our new fast kbd speak. These shorthands are not new to ham radi
Wired 11.02: VIEW It looks cold out there again and we have a couple inches of more snow. We have had at least some snow every night for weeks. I have to get the new starter for the bobcat tonight. I think I will post a photo from last summer so I can trick myself. Movie
The World Time Server - correct, current, local Time is just flying... are my observations of time moving faster evidence of an expanding universe? It is cold again. The truck is running. I warm it up for a least half an hour when it gets this cold. I need to get a one of those cool new thermometers with wireless remotes. That way I can measure the temp around the farm and in the barn. The llamastork called Sunday. The humane society has 38 llamas for adoption. I put in an application in about a year ago. They finally got back to us. We have a meeting with them on the 8th of February. We may have llamas sooner rather than later. Exciting! I am sooo PO'd at FEDEX. I can't even talk about it.
Bonnie is shipping 6 large boxes of comercial radio parts out to the west coast today. I like the kind of profit obtainable from dumpster to installation. I also get quite a charge of not seeing these things go to landfills. We all need to remember that the first "R" in the 3 "R"s of ecology is "Reuse". I received some great positive feedback on eBay from the person whom I sold the used sewer pipe adapter. Great fun!
t h e v i r a l f a c t o r y - the viral marketing experts I have been having troublkes with my truck. It has been cold. I am thinking the reason it quits for no reason on th eway to work is a fuel related issue. I will run it this morning to see if I get anymore symptoms after giving it a cocktail of anti-gel, anti bacteria, anti sludge and a good wash of kerosene. I want to create a humorous video for toastmasters that can be distributed on the web. Something like the following movie but using humorous speech segments. Interesting movie I gleened off the web.