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Robots for No Man's Land ( It is still cold. It was below zero again yesterday. We are looking forward to 20 degree days. Fawna was cranky last night when we tried to get her up on her feet. Douglas and I had her up and taking small steps yesterday morning. Today, I have to give her another injection of steroids. Some one asked if we were trying to create the "llaminator". She is getting all pumped up.. Does the name Fawn sound like a llaminator? We will have her up in a bit I am hopeful. More accupucture and a lot more TLC. If she gets better this animal will be making us breakfast and cleaning the house to show her gratitude for many years. Just like cats... to understand cats you have to have your own cat. Llamas are similar like that. Once you are the one bringing thenm food day after day.. they look at you differently. That are grateful.
Welcome to WOW. If you ever doubted accupunture .. let me set you straight.. Holy Sh*t. I got home just in time to see Dr Wendy and Dr Jim allowing Fawna to stand up. Fawna was so excited.. She kissed me and blew in my nose. It definately blew my mind. She was able to walk a couple of steps even. She thought she was going to go outside and do the llamadance with her brothers but we stopped her. Eventually, she lost strength and had to cush. I could feel a tear welling up. She saved her life for a while longer. Now I have the accupuncture needles and the knowledge of where to put the needles. I get to try it next. What a trip this has been.
Vergason Technology, Inc Fawna is still down. Although Douglas and Bonnie managed to get her to walk a step or so yesterday. The steroids took a while to get into her. We figure that since we could see a small bludge of fluid where I gave the injection untile she got some exercise. We worked with her last night and she seems really depressed. Today the Vet accupuncurist comes. After that.... ? Yesterday, work was bad and got worse. man o man. (The silent hot to handle at the moment.)
Last night I gave fawna an injection of steroids we got from the vet. We got some fluids into her and she ate some. (I also exercised her legs. That was the first time I ever gave an injection. It was a little scary but it went well. She hardly jumped. Douglas is coming down to help Bonnie today. They will put fawna in the sling I am sure. The animal acupuncturist will be over on Thursday. We got about a foot of snow last night. Although I still got to work on time, I feel disoriented. I forgot my watch, my belt, and the coal bags. I have a lot going on at work, that is stressful. (2/14/04 I have commented out the next few lines. I just read an article on how not to get fired from work because of your blogger) I have a Toastmaster meeting after work in Owego. I have homework again. I have to ship the llama beans to my customer in Mass. I just feel kinda crappy and unfulfilled. I need to see results from the effort. Today, I just don't feel it.
Fawna is still not walking. She has some slight singns of improvement. She is still not up. We gave her electrolytes last night. We will give her an injection of steroids tonight. She can't quite get control of her back legs.
Veterinary Report Vol. 24 No. 3: Features - Some Clients Opt for Acupuncture Fawna is not up. She shows signs of improvement but she just plain does not have fine motor control of those back legs. She has reflexes back there. She has plenty of strength when I exercise the legs. We are looking around for a vet that does acupuncture. It is unquestionable a neuro disorder. Today we added a spinal massage to her regimen. There is one spot down near her back legs that she had a reaction to the deep massage. We are hoping that the stimulation of extra blood flow in that area may help regenerate some nerves. There are only a few choices. 1.) Cornell Vet clinic.. Get her there and spend thousands. 2.) Put her down... Don't know how we would do that.. The body? 3.) Keep trying weird stuff and exercise. My arms ache today... Bad. I feel like I have been working with stone.