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It is still cold. It was below zero again yesterday. We are looking forward to 20 degree days. Fawna was cranky last night when we tried to get her up on her feet. Douglas and I had her up and taking small steps yesterday morning. Today, I have to give her another injection of steroids. Some one asked if we were trying to create the "llaminator". She is getting all pumped up.. Does the name Fawn sound like a llaminator?

We will have her up in a bit I am hopeful. More accupucture and a lot more TLC. If she gets better this animal will be making us breakfast and cleaning the house to show her gratitude for many years. Just like cats... to understand cats you have to have your own cat. Llamas are similar like that. Once you are the one bringing thenm food day after day.. they look at you differently. That are grateful.


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