Veterinary Report Vol. 24 No. 3: Features - Some Clients Opt for Acupuncture

Fawna is not up. She shows signs of improvement but she just plain does not have fine motor control of those back legs. She has reflexes back there. She has plenty of strength when I exercise the legs. We are looking around for a vet that does acupuncture. It is unquestionable a neuro disorder. Today we added a spinal massage to her regimen. There is one spot down near her back legs that she had a reaction to the deep massage. We are hoping that the stimulation of extra blood flow in that area may help regenerate some nerves. There are only a few choices. 1.) Cornell Vet clinic.. Get her there and spend thousands. 2.) Put her down... Don't know how we would do that.. The body? 3.) Keep trying weird stuff and exercise. My arms ache today... Bad. I feel like I have been working with stone.


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