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This study has come up through the wires (many different wires). It makes perfect sense to me. Study
Flying was fun last weekend. It was very gusty. The Metlife blimp was in town for the PGA thing. It couldn't fly because of the winds. There was a special NOTAM regarding the airship at the end of the runway. Between the airships, banner towing, and small jets Gwinett County airport it is a great place to maneuver as a new pilot. I was in Jacksonville, FL. Monday with my Mom and Sister. I flew down for the day.
I walked the next section of the Appalachian trail. I am doing what they call "In and Out Hikes." That means I hike, turn around and go back where I started. There are no downhill or uphill hikes when you do it that way. This hike was a bit extreme. It was really too much, but I feel good today. I hiked about 15 miles with lots of vertical in about 7 hours. There were lots of squirrels and I almost stepped on a decent sized snake. Even after I drank 5 liters, I almost broke out my reserve liter of emergency water.