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Ananova - Man gets stuck up tree trying to rescue cat Fawna stood up on her own!! Of course she fell down after she got up but she has been down since January 16th. This is the first time I have seen her stand up on her own in just short of a month! This sure has been a learning experience. It is interesting to watch the information triangulate and become knowledge. I think some of the best advice we have received was from a vet in New Berlin NY... he said, "... and lots of TLC". Fauna has taught us a lot about llamas and ourselves. She is not all better yet and we need to make sure we don't have our hopes up too high. The bottom line is that she has saved her life again. I am going to give her some more accupuncure today. It was a great sight to see her stand up for me this morning. I was so excited for her. After she fell down, I gave her a big hug on her neck.
Welcome to the Hemi-Sync? Website! - Home Just got an email from an old friend/coworker. It was a timely message. I was just thinking about the special relationships we form with people we have worked with. I intentionally mean *worked* with. The people we currently work with we take for granted. The people we no longer work with always leave a permanent impression on on us. We may not even remember their name after the years.. But you can see their face and their words and the quirky stuff they do. I am so appreciative of some of the people I have met at work (some of them have been incredibly interesting). I remember a story I read about siblings and that they have a unique relationship because they will know no other individual as long as they know their sibling. Not friends, parents, children...But brothers and sisters are stuck with each other. I find a similar uniqueness with former coworkers. The relationship is unique and worthy of recognition of being unique. I guess that
Google News Fawna is still down. the ice in the driveway is incredible. The natural spring underneath mixed with the temperatures have really created a mess.
Llama Conformation Page I don't have a lot on the list today. My homework is done. The snow is plowed. My brother called yesterday. It appears they have sold the house in CT. I will be storing his antique gravely tractor for a while. That may be just the ticket for the llama labyrinth. The gravely has a brush hog. Morning chores, llamas, chickens Get feed from feed store, They called yesterday Finalize a deal of some spread spectrum radios on E-bay(Grr) List 6 items or so on ebay for sale