Ananova - Man gets stuck up tree trying to rescue cat

Fawna stood up on her own!!

Of course she fell down after she got up but she has been down since January 16th. This is the first time I have seen her stand up on her own in just short of a month!

This sure has been a learning experience. It is interesting to watch the information triangulate and become knowledge. I think some of the best advice we have received was from a vet in New Berlin NY... he said, "... and lots of TLC". Fauna has taught us a lot about llamas and ourselves. She is not all better yet and we need to make sure we don't have our hopes up too high. The bottom line is that she has saved her life again. I am going to give her some more accupuncure today. It was a great sight to see her stand up for me this morning. I was so excited for her. After she fell down, I gave her a big hug on her neck.


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