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eBay item 2486625526 (Ends Aug-15-04 07:27:19 PDT) - HyTEK Hurricane Ultralight Aircraft From: To: Subject: Charley Date: Saturday, August 14, 2004 2:45 PM Hey, I don't know if you talked to James, but he and the family are home safe. They spent the night in Orlando. love, Cathy
The Hurricane Watch Net We still have not heard from my brother. I bet they had a rough night. Hopefully, we will hear soon. They may have been in the exact vicinity of where the hurricane was going.
MSNBC - Fla. official: Charley death toll to rise "Bonnie tornado kills three Hurricane Charley arrived a day after Tropical Storm Bonnie came ashore in the Florida Panhandle and quickly moved north. Three people, including a child, were killed and 29 others were injured Friday when a tornado hit a North Carolina trailer park. Charley could move northward, bringing heavy rain to the mid-Atlantic. Across the rest of the East, the remnants of Bonnie were expected to stretch from Florida to northern New York." We have not yet heard from my brother James who headed to Orlando from Brooksville to get away from the storm. That move very well may have made things worse it seems.
Fairy Tale illustrations by Adrienne Segur This is Tioga. He is unintimidated by a glass tabletop. He frequently knocks over thge llama statuette.
Royal Sovereign Shingle Page Today is the day I started working on the new roof. I am going to tear the old roof off and put a fresh 25 year roof down. I originally planned on using the bobcat to get the shingles on the roof, but it didn't quite get make the height I needed and I hate getting out of the machine with the boom in the air like that. So I hoofed 33 bundles up there today. I still have to get more up there after I get the one side done.