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The story of inhabitant in Kunugiyama Here is a photo journal of my new commute. Every other day I catch a ride from a neighbor. He lives 2 miles away through the woods. I drive my jeep through my property to the edge of it. I get out of the jeep, walf about a hundred feet to the county park trail. I then walk about a mile through the trails to my waiting ride. It is different and good.
The Hawaii Five-O Home Page More information about Hawaii Five Oh than you ever thought could be concentrated. I love this stuff. Lets all get lives... or actually let us all not have lives but share our obscure and quirky findings with everybody else! Celebrate the bizzare and obsessive/compulsive behavior in all of us! Here I serve up a 16 MB file for the theme song. This could be a wait for the dial up folks. I thought the fidelity was worthwhile.
Victrola Music on Cassette and CD Early 1900's Recordings I was thinking that I should list something like the best ten musical pieces in my life so far. Of course, this list changes, but I thought it would be neat to list the way I see it today. So here it is: The following are not in order. I have listed the artist(s) or the the composer, sorry if I have not given appropraite credit. Tough. Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto in D Major Satn Getz: The Girl From Ipanema Patsy Cline: That Wonderful Someone Thin Lizzy: The Cowboy Song Frank Sinatra: My Way Pink Floyd: Pigs on the Wing Elvis Presely: In the Ghetto Solte: The Planets Morten Stevens: Theme to Hawaii Five-OH Art Farmer: Killer Joe Something must be wrong. I don't really have any devil music there?
Wilderness Resource List Don't have a large cart? Use the improved SUV (Super Under-utilized Vehicle). It also comes with a great pine scent package.