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I am going to take it easy this weekend. Bonnie and I are going to an antique store and a used book store. I will also do some homework (classifications systems research) and get some stuff listed for sale on ebay. Sunday it turns out is the brew club oktoberfest. I think I will be going to that for a while as well. Of course, this time of year I have to work on the house. I am working on drywall and insulation in the upstairs sitting room. I am sure I am missing a few things... I am just burned out this weekend.
Performance Technologies is a global supplier of telecommunications and networking products I have been really stressing out over the last couple of days regarding work and other items of concern. It turns out the power was off Wedneday night for a reason. A car driven by Alison Christian (17) smashed into a utility pole about a mile from my house. The passenger, Krista Mileo (28) was pronounced dead at the scene. Lord help us all when we get behind the wheel. We have had our share of nasty wrecks in my neighborhood. When are we going to do something comprehensive about the fatalities caused by kids in cars? I can't remember feeling this bad in a long time.
draft-glaude-ss7-gw-00 - ALterNIC - Network Information Center - Diane Boling Here is a spec of a new standard we are working on at my day job, Performance Technologies. I have to start on a manual describing the software that is an implemetation of this spec.
Toastmasters I just remembered. I have to write and deliver a humorous speech for next tuesday. It is contest Night.
I just bought some computer stuff. I hate it. The stuff is next to worthless in just a few years. I bought a 19 in monitor from and a K6-533 machine from compaq (refurbished). ARRGhhh... Expensive anyway you slice it.
New Scientist: Forest of fear One of ideas of the new information age is that certainty must be allowed to slip behind principles. For example: When you are looking to buy a computer, by the time you find the best deal on the computer that computer is no longer the best deal.
Last night I started my first of five training sessions to obtain my Producers Certification to produce Public Access television programs. WHY? I have no idea why. I just am. For twenty dollars I am learning all sorts of neat stuff about TV production. .
IST 631 (DL): Theory of Classification and Subject Representation - WebCT 3.0.23 I just updated my online class home page. The above link will not allow access except for SU distance learning students. I have to go to UPS today to ship out some ebay stuff.