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"Could be" Becomes "Yes it can"

The new driveway progresses in Berkshire, NY as well as remodeling in Duluth GA. There is nothing nearly as seductive as manifestations realizations of "what could be".

Drug Use

In this age of "pharma" it strikes me that we may be living in mass ignorance in regards to "pharma for social change". With modern abilities to synthesize most compunds and drugs (maybe all) isn't it conceivable that drugs could be created by organizations that can use these coumpounds to affect humans in the most disturbing ways. Years ago folks had no question that technology was and is used for intelligence and covert operations. Do we think that the "technology age" as it progresses into the "bio age" that these advances will be used for human manipulataion without their concent or knowledge? Any drug that is reported to take away "free will" and can be delivered to selected individuals through very casual interaction should get our attention. It is very conceivable that variations and combinations of drugs briefly mentioned below are used to exploit others for social change. Or are we so naive that these drugs/weapons would