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I can tell you I am pretty upset about the state of affairs with our government. Generally, I am upset that i get to keep so little of my wages. Between all the taxes and fees there is little left. There is no check and balance on spending. The folks in government feel they have lost control and must keep increasing revenues to keep the spending going. In NY state 50 percent of the voters are either a govenment employee or an employee paid by tax dollars. Where is the money supposed to come from? I think the more important consideration is that when does a voter really get a say on spending? It in effect does not happen. We may have the chance to vote on a budget, but these budgets are all out of control spending. Unlike most folks I actively participate in my local Government. I believe it is not an us-againist-them situation. We are the government if you get off your butt. There is a huge silent majority that is just plain untapped. I am excited about my vaction in 2 weeks. I have