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Kim H Bliss Here is a neat article of a recurring theme I find my self considering. I mean where does technology end and science begin? Where is that table where philosophy, science, technogy and human existance all come to eat?
Cannot find server This gets me. I can't figure out why my blogger doesn't always work. I can see the file there. It just won't open sometimes.
Performance Technologies: Carrier-Grade Telecom and Networking Products/Protocols (SS7, Signaling Gateways, IP, Ethernet, T1/E1/J1, T3/DS3, V.35, CompactPCI, PCI) I am showing Dave the logger function on my website.
newslog I have been working on getting the POC website squared away. I am doing this for free, but there is certainly no good in saying I will do it unless I actually find time to do the work. At least we have the new host set up.
Internaut The above link is a good little story about the development of some of the first PC networking software. Unsung heros abound.
R News: News Front - Monday, October 09, 2000 Here is a quote I came up with thinking about my current situation at work: " There are only two different ways to form relationships with others and to form cultural norms. One method is to suppress, limit, oppress, disregard or stifle. The other method is to inspire, encourage, listen and collaborate. There is no in between." Charlie Dowdell >