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I took a course on blockchain today. Atlanta is well setup for the next plays in "fintech". It was good to get access to some of the folks who have been working in this area for the last 8 or 9 years. Like a lot of inventions, it is is technology looking for an application. My belief is that with cryptocurrency there is opportunity. I think specific opportunity is to break the geography of currency. Why are particular tracts of land (Read; Countries and reserve banks) tied so closely to main stream currencies? This is a so-called "digitization" opportunity moving the human race into the future. It is fun to expand my personal understanding.
I really like this guy's electronics videos. I understand that they may have cult-like following like Bob Ross or something, but he does give lots of great information and tips. I find this video to be quite good in support of fixing "All American 5" radios. I particularly like the details on rebuilding the IF transformers (23:47). I have several that could use a tune up. I also like that he is giving these antique radios the respect they deserve. Note that this radio was built in Utica NY.