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The Werner Herzog movie of Antarctica has been announced. I like the tag line: "Off the map, things get strange. Werner was quite a guy. His life story was quite humbling for me. We had a personal screening (and world premiere) of his movie "Rescue Dawn" when we were on the ice. He was filming when I was on the ice. We had a lot of fun with his right hand man Peter. I think he was from the Eastern Block and lived now in Belgium. There is a possibility there is a shot of me in the film. I am not featured though for sure. It will be interesting to see it. The folks I worked with and the scenery of Antarctica comes back pretty easy. I looked at one of his pictures on the web site and I could feel the dry-cold and hear the loud crunching of the ice/snow beneath my feet over the ever present and pervasive silence.
This is fascinating. A microwave beam that can place audio messages in your head. I told you about all this and no one listened. Ha. I have you all exposed now. It is soooo obvious. Come on really.
I went and got the mower. That was a lot of driving. My mom liked it too, until I suggested she ride on it from Rochester to Berkshire. The mower is awesome. The yard was done in no time at all. There is no comparison to the consumer grade mowers and this thing. There is no comparison at all. The mower goes as slow as you need to around stuff and faster than you can handle when the need arises.