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My net connection is still broke at home. I won't be paying them this month. I have a lot of pictures to post. The two new cats are adjusting and their personalities are starting to come thru. Partial list for the long weekend: firewoord, rear pasture gate, mowing, and generally winterizing. I am working on a amateur radio in Antarctica project as well. The ice flights started last week. It appears the second flight or so there was a medavac. The NZ newspaper said that someone fell from the top of the C-17 during prefight inspection and broke their leg. There are some pretty good pictures in the "" story.
I am still having internet issues (ISP problems) at home. I can only see some parts of the net. My Indian friend has indicated to me that they have refered the problem to a "Master Technician". Dennis, Julie, Sandy and Greg came down this weekend. I have a lot of photos to post when I am capable. We all had a good time. The two new cats are settling-in. Here is some big news in physics it seems. Everyone was thinking we were getting closer. It appears we are there. Of course there will be a lot more questions, but this appears to be a real milestone in actually detecting low-energy neutrinos. Here is a quick movie of the storm that knocked the power out Saturday night.