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I mowed some with the tractor and fixed the mower (same thing). I also found a couple of photo opportunities. The way I hear things, it is pretty much assumed that lenticular clouds are only a problem for western or mountain state private pilots. I have seen great examples of lenticular clouds here in Berkshire, NY on occasion. These "Flying Saucer" clouds are notorious for extreme wind shear if you decide as a pilot to venture into one. These lenticular clouds in our area form fast and dissipate faster than I can get the camera loaded and focused. It doesn't mean they are not there. More info 1 More info 2
Someone asked me the other day why I didn't properly edit my blog posts. I am not sure exactly. I am certainly capable. I can correct the grammar, spelling, tense and all the other maladies of the discourse. I guess it has to do with priorities. Folks can figure out the high points and I am not strapped to the 2 by 5 inch notepad-like text editing pane of a blogging window. Perhaps I am rationalizing laziness. Blogging has been fun for the last 6 years. I do regret however, missing the early years after moving to Greene. That was a tough time and a time of adjustment, a perfect time for blogging. Unusual for me, I have a bit of a tickle in my throat this morning. I am taking it easy for a couple of hours with my neti pot , and tea with honey/lemon. I will be all set. Then I will be off looking for some photos to take.
Just one word... plastic. I can't wait to see who installs this expensive fencing. I have 102 holes to drill and 2400 linear feet of rail to install. This might take all of Saturday. It may take part of Sunday.