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Here is my Antarctic Fil Festival submission that I just uploaded to Youtube. I hope it works.
It's coming. The pocket car. I don't think one of these would suit us well out here in the country. Bonnie and I went to Den and Julie's McCarthy's house up in Williamson NY. It was a long planned get together to talk about Antarctica and what not. There were maybe 15 people. It was great fun and very relaxing. I finished mowing my hay field this morning. This is the third year bringing the field back. It gets easier and better every year, I still have to get some lime down. My tractor can spread lime while it mows once I get the spreader attached to the back. I just have to finish some bracketry. That is the way to go. I mow for a while then I stop the tractor and drive the jeep back to the house. That saves time for sure.