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I have been thinking a bit about the differences and simularities between self-respect and self-esteem. It seems like the individual has more control over self-respect. Treat yourself with respect. Be your own Mother.
I practiced emergency engine-out procedures with my instructor last evening. That was a first. It was a lot like using flight simulator with the unusual attitudes and low altitudes outside of the traffic pattern. It was a great experience. Flying can get pretty addictive. This pic is of the instrument panel almost exactly like the plane I fly.
The blogger was broke. I had to delete some unrelated files on my server. It is back. Dennis and Greg came down for the weekend. We put up two tree stands. Dennis is mentoring Greg and I for the upcoming season. We had a lot of fun. We tried grilled pigeon. It was pretty good. We zeroed in some sights on some guns and generally had fun.