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We are back from vacation. We took an extended time (for us) in Peru and Bolivia (10 days). It was very thrilling, interesting, intense, reinvigorating and exhausting. All at the same time. After flying to and from Lima, Peru we had 4 air segments (not including time in a 172), 4 bus trips, 2 train rides, 6 different hotels and numerous Uber and taxi rides. We spent time in the following Peru cities: Lima (Miraflores & Center), Nazca, Cuzco, Machu Picchu. Also we spent time in Bolivia in La Paz and Tiwanaku. We hired a Cessna 172 to take us over the Nazca lines, rode the Teleferico (cable cars) in La Paz and spent a lot of time at big-name pre-Inkan archaeological sites in Peru and Bolivia. Of note, we visited Tiwanaku, Puma Punku as well as Saksaywaman and Machu Picchu. The high altitude was a concern in the Andes. We took Diamox as a precaution, but there is a lot of mystery around what causes altitude sickness (besides altitude). So Diamox is no real assurance of protection. Eve