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DJ has been in Duluth. It was actually in the 60s here today. I was out doing a cook out in my flip-flops and shorts. It has been a bit windy flying. I don't mind it being windy, but when you are doing lots of landings it does get a bit stressful. I took a pic of Atlanta Motor Speedway from the air. I ended up buying more laps. I will be back down there in the next few months. I get to open it up solo now through. This time it will be a bit more intense than the first time (the next level). I never really considered myself a thrill-seeker, but I may have to resign to the label. I was down in Florida for a day with my siblings and my Mom. She is slipping more and more away. We work on different aspects of the humorous side of things, but at the end of the day we all know the gravity. I like the pic (in part) because of the photographer in the mirror. There are a lot of folks in the background. This photo captures that aspect in a way. We took some breakfasts up to the co