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The requirements to obtain a private pilot certificate for "airplane, single-engine, land", or ASEL, (which is the most common certificate) are: * Be at least 17 years old That was easy. * Be able to read, speak, and write the English language That was easy. * Obtain at least a third class medical certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner (except for glider or balloon) Got it, what a pain in the neck. * Pass a computerized aeronautical knowledge test Passed, done * Accumulate and log a specified amount of training and experience, including the following: o If training under Part 61, experience requirements are specified in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations section 61.109 including at least 40 hours of piloting time including 20 hours of flight with an instructor and 10 hours of solo flight, and other requirements including "cross-country", 10 hours of solo (i.e., by yourself) flight time in an airplane, including at least I have
The last few days of sunshine has been very welcome. It has been refreshing and rejuvenating. I got a pic of a sundog Friday. I did some solo flight work Saturday. Hopefully, I will have my license in a few months. I was a bit surprised when I went to feed the animals and there was a chicken just as comfortable as could be riding around on Calisto!